Outstanding Provider Support

Carepoint understands that we are an important part of your practice. As a result, we deliver outstanding patient support and complete customer satisfaction. Our efforts are directed towards eliminating administrative and clinical burdens so our providers can focus on improving patient outcome and care.

Prior Authorization Assistance

Carepoint’s Prior Authorization team has the expertise and knowledge to efficiently complete documentation to ensure that patients receive prompt access to medications you prescribe.

Patient Care Advocate

A Dedicated Patient Care Advocate is assigned to your patient to allow for seamless facilitation of your patients prescriptions and follow-up. Upon request, Carepoint can also provide Coordination of In-Home Teaching for Patients.

Monthly Patient-Specific Adherence Reporting

Carepoint will manage your patient’s therapy through our Monthly Patient-Specific Adherence Reporting. This includes monitoring side-effects and compliance. Every month Carepoint will send The Adherence Report directly to your practice for review. These reports will enable you to keep a continuous track on your patient’s status between appointments.

Carepoint’s Clinical Staff

Carepoint provides outstanding professional service through Continual Clinical Support & Consultation from experts. Our clinical staff includes clinical pharmacists and an experienced care team that can assist patients, hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Carepoint Connect is an application available to providers to track real time prescription pricing and discounts available at Carepoint Pharmacy. Providers simply need to sign up in order to gain access.