Though not a vaccine, Synagis is an FDA-approved prescription injection of antibodies that is given monthly to help protect high-risk infants from severe RSV disease throughout the RSV season.

  • Synagis contains virus-fighting antibodies that can help protect high-risk infants from severe RSV disease
  • Each dose is needed every 28–30 days


How Synagis helps high-risk babies

Premature babies born at 35 weeks or less

  • Preemies are often born before getting enough antibodies from their mothers to help fight RSV. They are also at increased risk for severe RSV disease because their lungs are less developed and their airways are narrower than those of full-term babies
  • Synagis provides infection-fighting antibodies to help protect their vulnerable lungs from RSV

Children 24 months or less with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) and/or hemodynamically significant congenital heart disease (CHD)

  • Children born with certain types of heart disease and those with certain types of chronic lung disease are more likely to be hospitalized due to an RSV infection
  • The antibodies in Synagis help prevent these babies from developing severe RSV disease

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