doctorsCarepoint Pharmacy would like the opportunity to service our patients that need a little more attention.  Carepoint can provide specialty injectables that may be hard to find to patients that need help.

Carepoint immediately links a clinical pharmacist with a patient requiring specialty medication. The clinical pharmacist discusses with the patient or the patient’s doctor the specialty medication therapy, any side effect management, relevant clinical information, and the importance of adherence and compliance.

This personal relationship significantly reduces costs to the health plan by monitoring any adverse reactions that could interrupt therapy.

  • Managing the authorization process with the health plan
  • Integrating specialty, mail, and retail claims into the ProCare Rx real-time claims processing system
  • Verifying prescription information with the physician to insure appropriate utilization
  • Making personalized scheduled calls to arrange for refills
  • Contacting patients to coordinate delivery times and locations
  • Tracking shipments to ensure on-time delivery

Carepoint is ready to serve all our patient’s needs.