We Partner with You

Carepoint is a nationwide specialty pharmacy helping manufacturers bring new products into the marketplace by keeping in step with every stage of the process. From research and development to clinical trials and educational programs, our clinical staff will work alongside you with one goal in mind … to offer our patients the best treatment available.

We Are Your Business Partner

Working closely as your partner we will provide you with the following:

  • Carepoint’s advocates will work to connect their patients to manufacturer-sponsored support programs.
  • Carepoint will also connect with co-pay foundations, patient assistance programs and other local sources to help access therapy.
  • Carepoint will help launch new products through coordination within physician networks.
  • Carepoint will provide you with customized data packages to help
    you establish your product in the market.
  • Carepoint’s field-based sales force has the ability to keep a pulse
    on your product’s reception and progress.
  • Our In-house marketing department will work in tandem with your campaign to reinforce product awareness.
  • Carepoint also provides the expertise needed to manage formularies, contracts and REM programs.
  • Carepoint’s Adherence programs are effective and quantifiable.
  • Data collected is reported in a timely manner to allow effective analysis and adjustments where needed.
  • Carepoint also offers comprehensive reimbursement services.
  • We will also help in preparation for auditing.

Our People

Carepoint includes a professional staff of clinical pharmacists and team advocates, available 24/7. We also have clinical coordinators who follow the patient through the entire course of their therapy.

We foster local relationships with the medical practices and the communities we serve.

Carepoint’s healthcare professionals provide access to therapy in a timely, cost-effective and well-educated manner.

We also facilitates a coordinated delivery of medication – in pharmacy or at home – at no cost.