Patients sometimes lose considerable body fluids containing essential electrolytes and other nutrients, which results in dehydration. Often such patients are hospitalized for 2-3 days and administered an intravenous (IV) solution to replenish the electrolytes and  nutrients that have been depleted. In many cases, however, stabilized patients can have their IV hydration therapy administered at home.

Common Diagnoses Appropriate for Home IV Hydration Therapy:

  • Dehydration in pregnant patients related nausea and vomiting (hyperemesis).
  • Elderly patients often become dehydrated when suffering from a variety of flu-like illnesses.
  • Acute dehydration resulting from athletic activity, particularly in very hot weather. Hydration therapy is often needed following chemotherapy.

Advantages of Home IV Hydration Therapy:

  • Patients respond favorably to IV hydration therapy administered in the comfort of their own home. Such patients typically recover faster and experience fewer complications.
  • Home IV therapy costs considerably less than hospital administered therapy.
  • Enhanced quality of life: Patients on home IV therapy are able to enjoy routine activities, hobbies, and in many cases, are able to return to work.