doctor_nurseLet Carepoint be an extension of your practice, by delivering you complete patient support and overall customer satisfaction inclusive of the following:

24- 48 Hour Turnaround on New Referrals

Unsurpassed Service & Quality Care  offered to your office and every patient.

Single Phone/Fax Patient Enrollment  – contact Carepoint and we’ll handle the rest.

Dedicated Patient Care Advocate assigned to your practice.

Monthly Patient-Specific Adherence Reporting Carepoint will manage your patient’s therapy including monitoring side-effects and compliance and will send you a monthly adherence report.

Patient-Specific Dosing/Compounding Capabilities  – since Carepoint has extensive compounding capabilities, we can compound specifically to each patient’s dosage needs.

Continual Clinical Support & Consultation from Experts Carepoint has Registered Nurses, Doctors of Pharmacy and an experienced clinical care team that can assist patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Insurance Verification & Prior Authorization  – we handle insurance verification within 24-48 hours. We also work with many third-party prescription plans.

Convenient/Discreet Delivery – since Carepoint is licensed to ship to 48 states plus Washington DC. (not licensed to ship into Montana or Arkansas), we can ship medications directly to your office, the patient’s home or other location of choice.

Coordination of In-Home Teaching for Patients – Carepoint Pharmacy can provide your patient’s with a Home Health Nurse to properly instruct injection of their medication.

One-Stop Pharmacy Solution – Carepoint  is the one place to get all medications including injectable and oral brand name.

All you have to do is Contact Carepoint!


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